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Here you are some photos of Galicia ordered by Provinces, by Towns and Villages.

I hope you like them.



For a person who likes photography and who likes Galicia, it is very easy and logical to start up this project: to make photos of all the places, villages and corners of Galicia, to put them in order by provinces, cities, councils, parishes and places, and to place them in Internet, so that the whole world can see them, enjoy them, and appreciate the beauty and the immense variety of landscapes and towns that Galicia hides (and it offers).

I am totally conscious that it is a project impossible to finish, because the towns, villages, places, and corners of Galicia are countless. But I also see that this is a project easy to begin and to start up. And we, the pilgrims, know that the important thing is not to arrive, but to walk, and to be happy and make happy all the others while you walk. For that reason this project begins to walk immediately, and I hope that little by little it will grow.

Here you are one list by alphabetical order of some cities, councils and parishes. You can clik on the name you like, and, if the technology works, an index of small photos will appear to you. Then clik on the photo you like if you want to see it in a larger size.

I know that I, alone, can advance very slowly in this project. But I also know that if we joined many people who love Galicia and photography.... we could get something wonderful. It would be something so simple as each person placed in Internet photos of her native place. And thus, with one thousand people we would have in Internet the photos of one thousand Galician places. Then we would only need an initial page with an ordered index from which it was possible to enter all the pages and all the photos. And not only of Galicia: in this project it is possible to place beautiful photos of Spain, of Europe, of America, of Asia, of Africa, of Australia ... beautiful photos of the world....

If someone wants to take part in thes project, he/she can begin to put the photos in Internet and send me the name of the Web to put one link here.

It is not a project to make money. It is something done to be happy, and to do something for our dear Galicia, in a totally altruistic way, and without looking for nothing in return.

I am placing the photos in this . Galicias in plural, because there are thousand different Galicias: the one of the coast, the one of the inside, the one of the valley, the one of the mountain, the urban one, the rural one.... and each Gallician carries in his heart his own Galiciain; he is "minifundio". And because in Galicia each corner is unique. Galicia is a world and thousand worlds, a history and thousand histories. Galicia is..... Galicia, "e como ela non hai outra"..

Finally: I know, of course, that these are not the best photos of the correspondent places. I know that there are lots of thinks and lots of photos ... to be placed. But ... this is beginning.... and if lots of people help... we can make something important.




Welcame, you are the friend